Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flying To the West Coast

August 2, 2011
Well here we are traveling again....on our way to the West Coast....starting in California or rather San Francisco.  Mike and I are going to meet up with my brother Steve and his wife Cathy.  They are flying in from Baltimore and we are flying in from Detroit.
We met up at the airport and went to get our luggage.  Steve and Cathy had their luggage....beat up broken new suitcases. 
Steve wasn't at all happy and the airlines wasn't at all willing to help repair or replace the damaged luggage...."just natural wear and tear for luggage" the manager said.
Things didn't go much better with the rental car.  We had reserved ahead and paid in full and fully expected to just walk in and pick up our premium car and start our wonderful trip.  But no, that's not what happened...first we were in a long line with everyone ahead and behind us unhappy....
.there seemed to be no cars waiting for anyone.  The agents seem to not know where the cars were and wanted us to take either smaller cars or larger cars for more money.  Of course that wasn't acceptable!

 So it took about one hour plus a few minutes for them to find a car for us.  It was a Town Car and they finally let us have it without having to pay more money for it.  Then we all got in the car and started our trip to Pebble Beach to visit a girl Cathy went to school with back in West Virginia.  Trish and her husband Bear, had invited us all to stay at their vacation home in Pacific Grove......this town is known for the Monarch Butterflies that come there each year.
The majestic views of the Pacific Ocean along the way was wondrous....we had to stop and take pictures every few miles.  Here are some.


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