Friday, May 20, 2011

We Are Home Safe And Sound

Wheeeee, we pulled in to Blissfield at about 5:30pm.  Boy is it good to be home! 
We got up this morning about 22 miles below Covenington, KY and left the motel at 11:00am....actually 10:59am.  The roads weren't so crowded as yesterday and not near as many trucks.  But there still was lots and lots of construction.  Next thing I knew we were 45 miles from Toledo, OH.  I might have dozed off a little.  While we were driving we were talking about my sewing machine...just before we left my Viking Sewing Machine quit working.  I was googleing Viking Dealers in Toledo and found one in Holland, OH which is very close to Toledo.  They also sell Baby Locks Machine which is the new embroidery machine my sister got.  Mike said, "Do you want to stop and look at them?"  Of course I did so we put the address on the GPS and headed to the Sew A Stitch Shop. We got lots of information and of course now I really want a new machine...A Baby Locks Embroidery one.  They said I could come and try them out one morning...just bring material and make an appointment.  I am going to talk to my sister again and check the brand out on line. 
We were in Toledo so late that the Oriental Place we like was open, I think it is called Jasmine Japanese Steak we decided to go there for dinner.  Hibachi Steak and Chicken and Shrimp. was ....very good. 
This is Chef Steve...he cooked our meal.
We brought half home so we can have that for lunch tomorrow.
When we got to Blissfield guess what?  There is construction there on the main street of looks like it could be quite a mess and it will last until just can't get away from it.
We called Tiffany to come help us unload the car and Kelly and Ben were at the house, so they helped us too.  We all visited for a while and Kelly talked me into going to Lansing tomorrow to protest against all the new laws they are trying to pass that are not fair to teachers.  Then Mike and I went to Jewel's house so Tiffany could show us the puppies.  They are so sweet....4 boys and 1 girl.  I'll add pictures later.
We got an ice cream at MacDonald's and went back to the house.  Bethany didn't get home until about 10:30pm...we hugs and talked a very little.  We were all tired and went to bed.  Home Sweet Home.


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