Monday, May 16, 2011

How Did We Do At The Casino?

We went to Wind Creek Casino in Atmore,, Mike, Paul, Jackie, and Carolyn.  JM decided not to go.
Some information about Wind Creek

Opened in December 2009 with 1,600 slot machines in a 57,000 square foot oval shaped, casino floor wrapped around a central bar and entertainment stage. The high ceilings and spacious aisles ensure maximum comfort. The 236 room hotel and spa are first class and the four restaurants offer a dining experience for every taste. Join the players club and receive 1 point for every $5 gambled. You must be 21 to gamble or watch.

Some famous residents of Atmore, Alabama
Evander Holyfield, four-time World Heavyweight boxing champion, was born in Atmore.
Paul Birch, American actor and the original "Marlboro Man"[1], was born in Atmore.
Don McNeal, star defensive back for Alabama and the Miami Dolphins, was born and raised in Atmore.
William C. Maxwell, namesake of Maxwell Air Force Base.

None of us were big winners...Carolyn (Paul's neighbor)  did more than pay for her meal, and still have winnings left I guess she was the big winner.  We drove so she didn't have to pay gas either.  I didn't like the buffet as well this time...maybe I wasn't hungry enough.

Before we left for the Casino, I used the free coupon from Dillards for a shampoo and style.  I can't decided if it looks good or not.  Mike sort of said he thinks it makes me look older.  Just what I want to hear.  He said he likes my short style better.  But I am going to keep on growing it out until it gets to the length I have been wanting and see if I like it then....chin length on the sides and short and layered in the back.  It is not near there yet.  Here is a picture of it with my new outfit.

What do you think?


Blogger Sandy said...

You look great! I really like your haircut and the color is so pretty. I had long hair for so many years and then got it cut off to give to Locks of Love and now it's a medium to short length for me. When it starts getting where it bothers me, I cut it shorter.

10:18 AM  

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