Friday, May 13, 2011

JM Came Over And We Went To The Genealogy Library

We were a little bit sunburn so we stayed home from the beach today.  JM came over and Mike, RB and JM went to a shooting range to shoot JM's 22 and RB's 357.  They had fun and said they were all good shots.  (I didn't see any targets!, so I guess I will just have to believe them.)  I guess RB's 357 was really hard to cock, but easy to shoot.
JM cleaned RB's gun after they returned from the range.
 John Michael Kight...our nephew.....parents Maria and Johnny Kight.
In the afternoon we went to West Florida' Genealogy Library.

I just happened to see it a few days ago and we thought we would check it out.  It was just great...they have computers with special programs on them that you can use for free.  They have lots of reference books and even experts that can help you if you need help.  We stayed there a couple of hours.  We plan to come back to this library when we spend the winter down in Alabama next year...2012.
We ate at Arby's for dinner.  I had a chicken salad with fruit and pecans sandwich and Mike had a couple of grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches.  He said they were not good at all. I liked my sandwich.
JM stayed over at the house and talked with us for a long time...Guess we had some catching up to do.


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