Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Lunch At The Bowens...Jack's Birthday

Sunday, May 15,2011
We went to Sunday Lunch at the Bowens and they were celebrating Jackie's 55th Birthday.  It is actually Tuesday but we were celebrating with the family today.

Debby made pot roast with carrots, potatoes and hot rolls.  She also had veggies, dip, and the sweetest cantaloupe.  I brought a coconut cream pie and Debby made a coconut cake.  I didn't even know that Jackie loves coconut.  So it was a very good choice.  Everything was very good.  Kathy, Cortney, and the neighbor Carolyn were there too.  Al and Judy couldn't make it.  JM was there but we didn't see very much of him.
Afterwards we stopped at Dillard's and Mike picked up another Polo plaid shirt.  He says they are more comfortable than the cotton tee shirts.
When we got to RB's house we had to take another nap...these naps are getting pretty regular for us down here.
For dinner we went to the Village one really loved their meal but they were OK.  I think Mike and I are just getting sick of buying meals out...we are missing home cooked meals.
Bethany texted me and told me that it was 41* and rainy in Blissfield....yuk!  Boy we haven't watched TV down here much...RB has a rotten little old TV hardly worth watching.
When we were here last summer his big TV picture made every show look pink and he waited until it died and complained to one of his friends at the Waffle House.  They said they had an 18" portable that they would give him.  And instead of buying a new one that is what he uses in his living room...can you believe it.  His main entertainment is everyday is his computer, that is not even on line, and this old tiny TV.


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