Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Vacation That Never Happened!

The Vacation That Never Happened! The other vacations I have written about so far were before I turned a quick skip forward to July 1006. I planned an impromptu vacation for our anniversary today....I went to the Travel agent today....and our anniversary is Saturday, July 15th....Wouldn't it be fun to fly some where warm and near the Ocean Saturday....Surprise my husband....and it would be cheap too? I found a great deal Mexico..... we would leave Saturday, our anniversary morning and be on the beach at 10:00am...we could stay until Wednesday and get home around 6:30pm. Everything is included tips, taxes, transportation, meals, & drinks for only $1262.02....can you believe it? I was so happy. But Mike said he couldn't miss the Monthly Board dice!....we can't go....I'm so mad and sad.